Gender stereotyping toys – Let’s CUT THE CRAP!

If I ever have a girl, I will be throwing every one of our boys toys in the bin, I will get rid of every ninja turtle DVD, every piece of Lego and there is no way she will ever be allowed to kick a football… I don’t want her to turn into a LESBIAN.

I’m sorry but is that not the most ridiculously messed up statement you have ever heard in your entire life?

Now do you understand how stupid you sound when you say boys can’t play with ‘girl’s toys’?

Baby dolls. Play kitchens. ‘Girly’ dressups.

‘I don’t want my son to end up being gay’.

Because we all know that teaching a young boy to be gentle and show love and nurture a baby (whether it be real or a DOLL) at a young age will most definitely have him grow up to be sexually attracted to other men. OBVIOUSLY.

Okay, let’s CUT THE CRAP.

Can I just take a minute to remind you all that we are in twenty fucking seventeen.

It is TOTALLY fine for our boys to be playing with baby dolls. They may be a father some day. I don’t see anything GAY about that.

It is absolutely fine for them to play in a toy kitchen. I hope to god I raise my boys to be a caring partner who helps cook for his family. Or even before then, knows how to cook for himself. I don’t see a single thing GAY about that.

And heck. If a boy wants to put a dress on and twirl around like a princess for the day because his big sisters are doing it or he saw it on TV, then I don’t see a god damn problem with it. I promise that wearing a dress for a day won’t ‘turn your son gay’.

So let’s get this crap out of our heads! It makes me sick to think that this is still a thing in this day and age. That people are so ‘worried’ that certain things may affect their child’s sexuality that they won’t let them LIVE and EXPLORE and have FUN and decide for themselves what they love and don’t love.

So I ask that you join with me and CUT THE CRAP. Let’s take a pledge to let our little boys (and girls) be whoever the hell they want to be. Let’s stop this gender stereotyping crap. Let’s lose the idea that it’s totally fine for girls to play with cars and trucks and enjoy sports but boys who want to pretend to be a dad are labelled ‘gay’. Notice the double standard?

So guys, who’s with me?


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