If you’ve made it this far, I’m assuming you already know a little about me, or at least seen my life in pretty little squares on Insta. Otherwise, you’ve somehow stumbled across this page and you’re probably wondering where the heck you are and how you got here.

Firstly, I’d just like to say thanks for stopping in (even if it was a total accident).

I’ve created this blog after about four years of procrastinating. Actually, that’s a lie… During my first pregnancy I created a blog to document each trimester, the birth of my son and my life as a mother. It didn’t last long and I’m pretty grateful for that because looking back now, it was both terribly written and absolutely CRINGE WORTHY. Let’s hope this time round I don’t sound like so much of an inexperienced twat and can write about something a little more exciting than the amount of washing I folded that day. Can’t make any promises though, soz.

I plan to use this space to share inspiration, creative thoughts, personal opinions, things I love and the day to day struggles and ups & downs of #mumlife. I hope you all can relate in some way and leave my page with a happy heart and the desire to come back for more.

Can’t wait to connect & share my life with you all.
I’m always happy to chat so don’t be a stranger!

sign off