I have two beautiful boys who together are my sun, my moon and all my stars. Ollie is 3.5 and Alfie is just about to turn 2 and they are absolute polar opposites.


Ollie has the kindest, most gentle soul and is so, so full of love. He falls in love with every living creature he lays his eyes on and just recently told me how cute a mosquito was (as it was biting him). He is the calm in the storm that has been my life lately. Sure, he can be an a-hole at times but he is the one who notices when I’m down. He’s the one who wraps his arms around me and kisses my forehead and tells me everything will be okay. He is my 3.5 year old best friend. He drives me absolutely bonkers sometimes but in the same day can calm me in a way like no other. He shares my passion for music and pretty stones and when he’s having a bad day, he asks to hold a crystal to make him feel happy again ✨ This kid is my rock. My absolute everything. He has taught me so much and I am so grateful to be his mamma. 


Alfie, my *almost* two year old tornado baby. He IS the storm that is my life (kidding).  He can be a sweetheart and means well (most of the time) but boy does he have a crazy streak to him. I don’t refer to him as my ‘demon child’ for nothing. All of these crazy traits though are the ones that will make him an amazing human in his future life. He isn’t scared of anything (apart from most animals at a petting zoo), he goes full force into everything he does and there’s never time to think of the consequences. Attempting front flips off the couch onto a tiled floor? No worries! He is always willing and wanting to try EVERY THING. He is so obsessed with his big brother and copies everything he does. On a good day, he can be kind and sweet and covers me in kisses and cuddles. He has beautiful manners and will say ‘bless you’ every time you sneeze. He is turtle OBSESSED (in fact, they both are) and will claim that any round shaped item that can fit into his hand is a turtle egg. He has a temper on him like no other but when he is happy, that happiness radiates out of him and spreads like wildfire. He has taught me to be patient and he has made me the strongest version of myself. He is my rainbow baby and I count my lucky stars every day because he is mine. ✨